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How to align your satellite dish

Below are some useful tips that will help you successfully install your satellite dish. While it is always a good idea to contact a professional installer, aligning a satellite dish is not as difficult as it seems and many people do it themselves, especially when moving to avoid paying for installation.

Finding a good spot to place your dish

You should find a spot (roof, balcony, etc) that has a clear view of the South. If you are not sure where the South is you can either:

  • use a compass
  • check the sun's position at around 1 pm
  • check a neighbor's satellite dish to see what direction it faces

! It is important that your dish is properly installed so it won't move at all when hit by heavy winds.

!! Do take into consideration trees - they August not obstruct your dish antenna when there are no leaves, but this changes during spring/summer months.


  • connect your receiver to your TV (use the User's manual for help)
  • then connect the coax cable between your receiver and LNB
  • now you can turn on your receiver and TV

When properly connected your TV should show some receiver signal when you click INFO on your receiver's remote.

Aligning your dish

In order to be able to align your satellite dish you must:

  • be able to watch the TV
  • be able to see the receiver's Signal Strength screen on your TV (although it varies based upon your receiver model, this info can usually be found when you access INFO on your receiver's remote control, or SELECT/Installation)

With your dish antenna facing South you can now start fine adjusting it to receive the strongest signal possible. You can adjust the vertical and horizontal position of your dish until the Signal Meter shows some movement. Now it's easy: first find the optimum vertical position and lock it in, then find the optimum horizontal position and lock it in. You are done.

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